North Wales Open Airgun Championships Summer Biathlon Event

28th and 29th March 2009

Races will commence at 11.00am Sunday 29th March.

The Event will comprise 3 loops of approx 600/800/1000 meters, depending on age group,

interspersed with two shooting elements of 5 targets using Anschutz laser rifles with telescopic sights at 10 meters in the Prone position.

All equipment will be provided.

Competitors may practise the shooting element and walk the running course on the

Saturday and Sunday between 8.30am and 10.30am.


Depending on Entries proposed classes are as follows


10 - 12 years - 600m loops

12 - 14 years - 600m loops (total 1.8 Km)

14 - 16 years - 800m loops (total 2.4 km)

16 - 18 years - 1000m loops ( total 3km)

Over 18 - 1000m loops


Competitors will start in groups of 3 at 1 minute intervals


Each shooting element will allow for 7 shots to clear 5 targets

Missed targets will incur a 30 second penalty


Certificates will be awarded to 3rd place in each class.


For further information please contact Jim Quinlan on 07813 543811

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