Netball Results

Net Ball Results 5th February

Sat 3rd Feb - Netball Results v Oswestry School


1sts Lost 13 - 8


This was an exciting game with both teams playing a high standard of Netball - we played very well in the first half and dominated most of the play. Our structure in both attack and defence was excellent and it looked like the extra training of Thursday night was starting to pay off. We went into half time winning 4 goals to 2. In the second half Oswestry came back hard but it was still very even and could have gone either way. We missed a few of our chances and Oswestry took them to go ahead. From here we started to loose our structure and Oswestry went onto win 13 - 8. Player of the match Tash Evans.


2nds Drew 9-9


This also was a very close and exciting match. The 2nds, who were playing their first match of the term after many cancellations, held onto their structures and played very well under pressure.

Steph Perrin was reliable and solid and worked well with Tess Fawcett in the shooting circle. Player of the Match was Chloe Mitchell. A very good result.


U15's Won 20 - 6


With so many U15's unavailable this weekend due to the Media Trip, this was a great result. From the start we dominated the game in both attack and defence. Excellent shooting from Ailsa and Becky. Well done to the Year 9's who filled in.


U14's Won 16 - 5


Again a great result! The U14's played some excellent netball. Their structure was good throughout the game. Well done!

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