Lower School Contribute to Children in Need

Over the past few weeks, pupils from Lower School have been collecting small change and yesterday put them into good use by to create some coin floor art as part of their support to Children In Need.

Each class were given the opportunity to produce a coin picture, some creating Christmas scenes, others Children In Need messages. The idea of the coin floor art came from a Year 7 pupil Victoria von Hoven, from  Shawbury, Shropshire who said, I thought it would be a great idea for each class to have fun whilst raising money by making  a design out of coins which would then be donated to Children In Need. Coupled with a Children In Need cake and merchandise sale, it is estimated that 250 has been raised by the Lower School pupils.

Victoria von Hoven has also chosen to have a sponsored day of silence on Monday and if she stays quiet all day will raise a further 120 through her silence for Children In Need. Neil Price, Head of Ellesmere College Lower School said we always encourage our pupils to think of ideas for fundraising in groups and individually and on this occasion wish Victoria every success on Monday    

Seen in the coin art picture are Chloe Prydden, Jennifer Grifiths, Williams Mapstone, Callum Johnson and Sarah Wicks, all Year 7 pupils.  

24th November 2005  Back to News