Learning French is délicieux for Yr 5 Students!

When in Rome so the saying goes...but this time our language students were experiencing a piece of French life - breakfast to be precise!

In recent French lessons, our Year 5 students have been studying foods of the world and how to order, and have been comparing British meals to meals in the Francophone world. So what better way to try out their growing language skills than over a typical French breakfast, prepared by their class teacher, Ms Tracy Garratt?

Breakfast table conversation remained resolutely in French. Year 5 pupils Lucy Chadwick and Nathaniel Clewlow, both aged ten, commented: 'We have enjoyed learning what breakfast children in French-speaking countries might have, and it was lots of fun trying some of these items ourselves! We had croissants, brioches, pains au chocolat and biscuits and we had to order everything in French!'

Teacher of French Tracy Garratt, added: 'This term, Year 5 pupils have learnt an impressive amount of food-related vocabulary, as well as the grammatical structures to order food and express opinions. It was fantastic to see them trying the different items on offer and holding brief conversations in the target language! Our department hopes to offer our youngest language-learners further opportunities to practice their French-speaking skills as as the opportunities for motivated young learners are endless.'

C'était délicieux indeed!

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26th March 2019  Back to News