International Baccalaureate Success At Ellesmere College

Photo of Catherine Wignall and Hannah Phillips

Students at Ellesmere College were celebrating some exceptional International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) results following their publication in early July.  The IB is offered as an alternative alongside A levels at Ellesmere College.

Top performers included Yasmin Rhabari and Hendrick Scheer who scored 38 points, equivalent to just over 5 grade As at A level. Catherine Wignall, from Ellesmere, scored 35 points, just under 5 grade As equivalent at A level. Yasmin, Hendrick and Catherine all scored an exceptional grade 7 in particular subjects (grade 7 indicates a level significantly beyond the highest standard of A level) in Economics, Geography and History respectively.  Hannah Phillips from Ellesmere scored 32 points, which equates to just under 4 grade As at A level.

Of the 29 candidates sitting the International Baccalaureate Diploma 20 achieved the equivalent of at least 3 grade As at A level.

The Headmaster of Ellesmere College, Mr Brendan Wignall, commented: "I am delighted with these results. The IB is a demanding but rewarding course, and while it is certainly not appropriate for everyone it is a fantastic preparation for university, and the fact that IB students study 6 subjects, write an extended essay, follow a course in the Theory of Knowledge and are assessed on their extra-curricular commitment means that they really have a very full education, to provide them with something which will last for the rest of their lives, rather than just getting them into university."

16th July 2009  Back to News