International Baccalaureate Success

Students were celebrating some exceptional International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) results following their publication in early July.  The IB is offered as an alternative alongside A levels.

Top performers included Stella Lesch who scored 42 points, equivalent to over 5 Grade As at A level and  Afra Ekert, 40 points. Vivian Grudde and Niko Wojtynia both scored 38 points, 5 grade As equivalent at A level. Stella Lesch achieved 3 exceptional grade  7s in particular subjects, (grade 7 indicates a level significantly beyond the highest standard of A level). 3 grade 6s and an A in her Psychology Extended Essay.  Similarly, Niko achieved  38 points, with a grade 7 in German  and an A in his History Extended Essay . Vivian achieved grade 7 in Maths and  Afra, a Music Scholar, achieved a 7 in Music and an A in her Music Extended Essay,

Of the 36 candidates sitting the International Baccalaureate Diploma 29 achieved the equivalent of at least 3 grade As at A level.

Headmaster, Mr Brendan Wignall, commented: I am delighted with these results. The IB is a demanding but rewarding course, and while it is certainly not appropriate for everyone it is a fantastic preparation for university, and the fact that IB students study 6 subjects, write an extended essay, follow a course in the Theory of Knowledge and are assessed on their extra-curricular commitment means that they really have a very full education, to provide them with something which will last for the rest of their lives, rather than just getting them into university.

11th July 2010  Back to News