Help In Harvest For Food Banks

Pupils at Ellesmere College are supporting their local food bank and the Ellesmere community itself, as part of their Harvest Festival service. The pupils have been collecting and decorating parcels of seasonal food as well as gathering donations in gift envelopes to support worthy local causes.

The food parcels will be delivered to the Oswestry and Borders Food Bank, who have recently opened a new branch at the Methodist Church in Ellesmere, where they will be used to provide vital support to families in need. Reverend David Slim, from the school said “The parents have been supporting the food banks and the local branch for a while, so it’s great to be working in partnership with them and supporting this charity together. The children have done a tremendous job of gathering the food parcels and donations, which are also going to help the elderly and local day centers in the area”.    

There has been a sharp rise in the number of families needing support from food banks and more and more families rely on them to help them get by. The Oswestry and Borders Food Bank is part of the Trussell Trust’s UK wide network, which supports local churches and communities, guiding them through the process of setting up food banks and supporting local families for three days with emergency parcels of food and basic toiletries. 

Julie Parker, a representative from the Food Bank in Ellesmere said “ Although we have only been open for a short while, the support from the local community has been tremendous. It’s nice for the school to recognise and support this local charity and their contributions will go towards looking after families and individuals in need”   

25th September 2013  Back to News