Headmaster Addresses International Delegation

Brendan Wignall, long standing Headmaster of Ellesmere College, one of the Country's leading Independent schools, was recently invited to address a very select group of Government ministers at a British International Education Association event.

Recently, Mr Wignall met Mr Xu, Minister Counsellor of Chinese Embassy, and Mr Ho, of UKCBA, at a welcome dinner organised by BIEA (British International Education Association). This neatly coincided with Prime Minister, Theresa May, being in China promoting British education. As well as Government ministers and other dignitaries, a large group of teachers from Shanshayuan Shangyou School in China were also present, attending a 10 day intensive teacher program with BIEA to learn best practices in UK schools. Mr Wignall addressed the group on a variety of important themes, including safeguarding, academic rigour, curriculum development, pastoral support and boarding school management.

Mr Wignall was pleased to have received the invitation, "We have offered advice to a number of Chinese bodies over the years about broadening the education system that they have and addressing the development of people who can become leaders in their own country, very much modeled on what Ellesmere has to offer. It was a great honour to be asked to share our experiences to such an elite audience.

"I was very proud to share Ellesmere's wide range of achievements with the teachers from China, including those in Academic pursuits, Music, Drama, and sporting achievements; they were thoroughly impressed. Children in many Chinese schools have very little time for arts, sport, leadership opportunities or further global engagement activities. The heavy focus on academic results means children may study until midnight with just a few hours of sleep. The Chinese teachers thought the students at Ellesmere are very lucky to have access to such a well-balanced and coordinated set of opportunities.

"The best questions were those that really made you think, but at the same time were easy to answer; 'What makes a successful school?' being one. A committed leadership team, an excellent team of professional teachers, a globally recognised set of qualifications and a broad approach to pupil development via an expansive co-curricular programme. At Ellesmere we believe that developing the whole pupil is much more than just passing examinations; a philosophy which is paramount to the continued success of nurturing our students."

Following the talk, Ellesmere will have the opportunity to host, and take a key part in, teacher training programs with BIEA and visiting teachers from global schools.

13th February 2018  Back to News