Geography Students Investigate Changes In Glacial Landforms

On Tuesday 1st April, 22 AS geographers, led by Mrs. Waddams, Mr. Macintosh and outdoor leader Martin Digby, headed into the mountains for a look into Wales' past. Cwm Idwal is a valley in the larger Snowdonia National Park that has given key insight into the geological history of Earth.

Cwm Idwal is somewhat of a geological celebrity; Darwin visited here twice (and was actually a geologist first), and some of the names of periods in Earth's history were born out of the contributions to the field of geology made here in the UK.

The visit allowed students to describe key glacial landforms, explain how they were created, and witness their distinctive features. Geographers were also able to use this exercise to revise for their forthcoming examinations.

Head of Geography, Rhiann Waddams, said "The weather on the day and the enthusiasm of the students meant that the visit was a great success. It's important to get the students out of the classroom and into environments such as this, allowing them to put their text book theory into context."

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