Geography Pupils Compete In Contour Competition

Year 7 pupils recently participated in a Geography competition that tested their abilities to build a contour model from a flat plan. Pupils spent last term learning and practicing their mapping skills using atlases and Ordnance Survey maps.

The final section of the map skills unit looked at how they can measure and show height on a map. After researching a variety of details, pupils were aware of how the features and contour lines are represented. The aim of the project was for pupils to look at contour lines to portray the shape and elevation of the land from a 2D perspective and use their knowledge to create a 3D model.

Mrs Waddams, Head of Geography at Ellesmere College, said "This year's entries were once again outstanding and proved very difficult to judge. Not only were the models produced accurate, but many had an element of originality and flair".

This year's winners were Kezia Hutchings, Alanah O'Brien, Dante Des Rosier and Sophie Ward.

3rd February 2015  Back to News