GCSE Success for Year 9 Students

It was not only the Year 11 students at Ellesmere College who have had cause to celebrate their GCSE results this summer, where over a third achieved A* - A grades. A number of students in Year 9 took their GCSE in Religious Studies two years earlier than expected.

At a time when top grades fell nationally for a second year in a row Ellesmere students managed to achieve a record number of passes, with more pupils than ever achieving the best grades. Two candidates scored A*, with 7 - A, and 10 - B grades. There were some notable performances that are worthy of specific mention in their A* achievements. Mia Foster in Year 9 scored 95% on one paper, comfortably over the A* threshold. The Religious Studies course in Year 9 demands that students study independently, with only three planned lessons a week.

Harry Orr, Head of Religious Studies Said "What the students have been able to achieve in Year 9 has been exceptional, if you think that these grades are normally only achieved after two years of studying in Year 11. Those who did so well can look forward to their other GCSE's with confidence".

Successful candidates who achieve their GCSE in Year 9 can also opt for an AS in Religious Studies through years 10 and 11. This year saw Seb McCarthy achieve a B grade at AS level, even though still in Year 10. Other students have one module to complete but Isaac Maddock-James managed 84% on the first module and should look forward to completing his AS next summer.

7th October 2013  Back to News