French ‘Storytime’ Session for Lower School Pupils

As part of the Key Stage 2 French syllabus, pupils in Year 6 recently enjoyed a French 'storytime' session led by their class teacher, Mrs Reynolds.

Pupils had the chance to rediscover some classic children's literature and familiarise themselves with some new books featuring a limited, and therefore manageable, French vocabulary. Pupil Bryce Davies said: "I particularly enjoyed the book 'Maman' because it tells a funny story - and in our session, there was no writing involved!" Millie Fradley added: "I enjoyed discovering a variety of new books."

The story session allowed pupils to build on previous knowledge of the French language, find cognates and near-cognates and practice their pronunciation skills, all with the aim of motivating young learners of French.

6th November 2015  Back to News