Former Pupil Returns for Sixth Form Lecture

How do you get from selling vinyl LPs to fellow students at the School in the early 70s to being a leading exponent of the emerging private space industry?

This life story was shared with the Sixth Form students when Richard Godwin, Old Ellesmerian, visited his old school recently. During his talk, Richard explained how, since he was seven years old, he had been a space enthusiast and regrets not having had the opportunity to become an astronaut.

Whilst at the School, he used to organise trips to Jodrell Bank and started the School's first Astronomy club. More recently, he has served as a Director of the US based Space Frontier Foundation and has also been a Board member of National Space Society from 2003 to 2010.

During his talk, Richard explained, how, as a serial entrepreneur he originally opened a small chain of restaurants in 1979 and then bought a country hotel. After a profitable sale, he started a Restaurant Design and Supply Company in London, which grew to become an international trading company, eventually shipping commodities around the world. After deciding that the trading of CDs was very lucrative, he set up a company in the US and by 1995, was the largest importer of CDs in the States with a turnover in excess of $30M. He also founded the Griffin Record label and CG Publishing with his brother Robert, also an Old Ellesmerian, which enjoys a worldwide reputation as THE space book company.

At the end of the evening, Richard commented What a great group of students. It makes me think that there's hope for us all yet. He also confirmed that he intended to return in the future and hoped to bring a former astronaut with him for a joint lecture.

Amy Darrant, Head of Physics added, Captivated by his inspirational presentation, students surrounded Richard at the end of his talk, so much so that Marietta, Richards wife, had to eventually drag him away to get something to eat.

10th December 2011  Back to News