Excellent Boarding Report for Ellesmere College

Excellent Boarding Report for Ellesmere College

Ellesmere College is today celebrating the publication of an excellent Boarding and Child Safety Inspection Report following a recent Inspection visit by Ofsted.


The Inspection involved Inspectors spending several days in school, a questionnaire to parents, a questionnaire to pupils, formal group and individual meetings with pupils, visits to all Boarding Houses and lunch with pupils. The Inspectors report under 6 headings and categorise each as inadequate, satisfactory, good or outstanding. The College was found to be good in 3 categories and outstanding in 3. The 3 outstanding categories were helping children to be healthy, helping children achieve well and enjoy what they do and helping children make a positive contribution.


The Headmaster of Ellesmere College, Mr Brendan Wignall commented: "I am very pleased indeed with this Report. It is not unheard of for Independent Schools to fail a Boarding and Child Safety Report so to achieve a Report with a mixture of "outstanding" and "good" is very satisfying.


The Inspectors were very thorough during their visit, but the amount of work that was required beforehand, in terms of preparing paperwork, was enormous: College was checked against 52 standards, which contained 242 sub clauses, so I think it is fair to regard the Inspection as fully comprehensive".

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