Environmental Action at Ellesmere

Mark McBrien, Kate Norman


During the past year several environmental groups have been established at Ellesmere.


The creation of the Green Team at Ellesmere was the idea of Cathy Allen who joined the school in September 2005. The team comprises of Years 10 to 12 pupils. Their biggest project to-date has been to be involved in the planting of 70 trees supplied by Shropshire Countryside Service. Around the 9-hole golf course at the School, a new hedge has been established to improve wildlife habitats and upon environmental advice, the School has agreed not to mow the grass alongside the hedge to encourage biodiversity. This Spring the team also instigated the School’s first wildlife garden.

Several pupils who are particularly interested in biodiversity are contributing to national data statistics by recording wild-life present throughout the School’s 85 acre site.

Lower School pupils aged between 8 and 13 have constructed a living willow dome and are in the process of building a bird hide to improve bird-watching opportunities. In addition, 60 bird boxes and bat boxes have been constructed by students at the school and these have been put up around the grounds.   Later this term, groups of pupils will be pond-dipping in Shropshire’s newest nature reserve in Ellesmere. 

Pupils of all ages have been involved in fundraising activities to support environmental action at the School and endangered species throughout the world. This week a group of Year 7 pupils have completed a day’s sponsored silence and organised a fun sponge-throwing event. Together they have raised over £200 to help the RSPB protect the albatross. For the second year Lower School pupils will also be taking part in a sponsored walk to raise funds to support WWF and the Gorilla Foundation.

Cathy Allen commented, ‘We hope to raise more than the previous sum of £2,000 for these charities. All the pupils demonstrate impressive initiative and enthusiasm for environmental projects at the school.’  


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