Energy Efficient Lighting Scheme for Ellesmere College

Dining Hall Lighting

Ellesmere College has just completed a 50,000 scheme to make the lighting around the School more energy efficient.

The College received a grant for more than half of the cost from Shropshire County Council through its Low Carbon Communities for Business Scheme.

The College received support and advice from the Marches Energy Agency on where to source the most appropriate government funding and also where the optimum efficiencies could be found.  In some parts of the School this simply meant replacing light bulbs with a more efficient type of bulb, but in areas such as the School Chapel all light fittings have been changed with the result that each light now has a 125 watt bulb compared with 500 watts previously.

It is estimated that this scheme could save the School up to 15,000 per annum in electricity costs and is forecast to save nearly 200 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

Mike McCarthy, Director of Operations at Ellesmere College who project managed the Scheme said The School is delighted to have successfully completed this particular scheme and is very grateful for the support that has been forthcoming from both Marches Energy Agency and Shropshire County Council.  This is the first of what I hope will be many environmental improvement schemes at Ellesmere College as the School seeks to improve its green credentials and also reap the financial benefits to the business as well.  As an educational establishment it is important that we send the right message to our pupils and I think that this is a clear indication of our thinking on the environment and our commitment to improving the situation.

24th August 2009  Back to News