Ellesmere College presents the Academic Cup for First Time.

Ellesmere College presents academic cup for first time

For the first time, the Headmaster of Ellesmere has presented a new Academic Cup to last term's top performing competitive House.

Ellesmere College launched the Academic Cup in September 2006, at the start of the new school year, with the aim to celebrate academic success within the framework of a team approach. Pupils are awarded a gold, silver or bronze star by subject teachers in recognition of a high standard of work. The stars carry a points' value with a higher value for gold. The scores are displayed on the Academic Cup board above the entrance to Big School, the main assembly hall.

The display encourages competition between the four Houses at the School and for House teams to strive to produce better work so they can secure more stars. This was piloted with one year group (year 10) last year and has now been launched to run with the Middle School and Sixth Form this year, The Lower School have had a similar points system in place for a number of years. The Cup will be awarded for each term and the score at the end of Michaelmas Term was:


Meynell 1207

Talbot 999

Wakeman-Lambart 1042

Woodard 1017


Vicky Pritt-Roberts, Deputy Head Academic, commented, 'I am delighted at the pupils' positive response to the introduction of the Academic Cup. The friendly competition between the Houses encourages pupils to produce a high standard of academic work and enables all pupils to contribute to the success of their House. It was a very close call by half-term and any team could have gained the honour of being the first House to be awarded the Academic Cup but Meynell House managed to continue to score highly throughout the second half of the term and overtake the other Houses. However it is all there to work for again this term."

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