Ellesmere MFL Students Celebrate Polish Independence at Embassy

A recent visit to the Polish Embassy in London marked the end of a prestigious project conducted by Ellesmere College students into Polish culture, Polish traditions and the contributions to British life made by members of Polish heritage.

Initiated as part of a series of events and celebrations to mark the centennial of Poland regaining its independence in 1918, one aspect of the project explored the history of Polish migration to the UK. Before embarking on their trip to London, students had visited the local village of Penley. Here, retired Ellesmere College colleague Debra Joynson-Brooke and her husband Frank showed them around the site of the former U.S. military hospital that, once given to the Polish community in 1946, was home to some 2,000 patients and staff but closed in 2002.

On the trip to London, Year 13 IB student Iwo Hachulski and Year 11 student Kit Lewers were chosen to present the finding of the Ellesmere research group during a formal reception to diplomats and invited guests at the Polish Embassy in Marylebone. For Iwo and Kit, who are both planning careers in diplomacy, this was an excellent opportunity to make valuable contacts. Iwo said: "Kit and I enjoyed disseminating our research to embassy staff and invited guests including students from other UK schools. The contribution made by the Polish population in the U.K. is extraordinary and was celebrated at this event."

Project Facilitator Melody Reynolds added: "We were proud to be involved in such a memorable and significant project and hope other students at Ellesmere College will follow Iwo's and Kit's lead and become involved in similar cultural projects in the future."

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