Ellesmere Demonstrates the Benefits of an English Education to Chinese Visitors

Nine journalists, editors and owners of some of the most prestigious media outlets in Beijing and Shanghai, visited the school recently. They were representing the Shanghai Morning Post, Beijing News, Study Abroad Magazine, Western China Media Group, Net East Corporation, Youth MBA, the SINA News Agency and The Bund - Shanghai.

The tour, arranged by the British Council, was primarily focused on Universities [Bangor, Salford, Aston and the John Ruskin] and only two boarding schools were visited during the tour, so it was a great opportunity for us.

Four of our Chinese students guided the journalists around the school and acted as interpreters; Angel Xia, Lucy Luo, Alice Yang and Jack Li were outstanding and worked hard all afternoon, enthusing about Ellesmere.

To say the journalists were impressed with Ellesmere is a bit of an understatement. They visited the Chemistry lab and chatted to some of our future medics, listened to students having individual piano and singing lessons, and then experienced a drama rehearsal. They also tried their hand at golf under the direction of our professional coach and were fascinated by the shooting range where they watched the students prepare their guns and practise shooting ready for competition. All of this had the desired effect and left the guests buzzing with how much Ellesmere has to offer.

They have each gone away now to write articles on the benefits of an English Education.

26th February 2016  Back to News