Ellesmere Creates New Innovative TV Advert and Pupils Take A Nostalgic Trip

Ellesmere College will be one of the first schools in the area to use the SKY AdSmart platform to promote its next Open Day on Saturday 10th October. This new and innovative SKY product allows the school to place it's advert directly into the homes of families, whom they know will be interested in their children benefiting from an Ellesmere education.

"Ellesmere is renowned for its focus on the individual achievements of each student, rather than on a one dimensional league table, which tells you so little about the school and even less about the students that graduate from it", said Nick Pettingale, Director of External Relations.


The advert takes you on a swift pupil journey from Lower School through to Sixth Form and captures an aspect of Ellesmere that underpins the ethos of the School; 'together with you, we will see your child develop into a well educated and well rounded young person, ready to take hold of every opportunity that comes their way'.

Using the SKY AdSmart platform means that Ellesmere can target the right audience and communicate it's distinctive message - 'we see potential in your child' and, because the school is geared towards the individual, it will naturally develop their potential in every way possible, whether academically, on the sports field, through the arts or in leadership.


Look out for the Ellesmere College Open Day advert on SKY TV starting on Thursday 10th September.

28th July 2015  Back to News