Ellesmere College to Open Outpost in Asia

Ellesmere College has formed a partnership with Matrix Global Schools to introduce a new Sixth Form at the school.

Matrix wants to provide a full school experience from pre-school through to A-levels, and recognises that doing so in partnership with Ellesmere College offers the best chance of providing a high quality education.

Chief Executive of Matrix, Mr Felix Lee, commented, "Our collaboration with Ellesmere College is in line with our 'Learning Beyond Boundaries' philosophy, as it will supports our East meets West approach in quite a literal way. Our students at Matrix will be able to experience the rich and experiential learning methods at Ellesmere College, which will be replicated in the Ellesmere Malaysia Sixth Form programme. Both institutions share a deep belief that the main aim of education is to encourage every child to reach his or her full human potential. It is always the journey that matters and what they make out of the journey. It is this common belief, shared between myself and Brendan Wignall, Headmaster of Ellesmere College, that saw the fruition of this collaboration".

The school received an Education Business Award last year for its commitment to sport and was awarded Platinum status by Arts Council England. Income from the outpost in Asia, set to open this September will, help fund new buildings, bursaries and scholarships at the original College, founded in 1884. There will also be the opportunity of student exchanges both for short-term and long-term placements, cultural and sporting exchanges, and gap year placements for Ellesmere College UK students in Malaysia.

Matrix Global Schools has a strong reputation throughout Malaysia. The school offers two curricula; the Malaysian National curriculum, and an international curriculum based on University of Cambridge programmes leading to IGCSE qualification.

Headmaster Brendan Wignall said, "I am delighted that we have signed this agreement with Matrix Global Schools. Ellesmere is by no means the first British Independent School to establish a branch overseas, although the numbers remain small. What is special about this relationship (and future Ellesmere International Schools that are planned) is that it is not just a matter of a name exchange in return for finance, but a genuine partnership which will see the strengths and ethos of Ellesmere College UK replicated overseas - appropriately adapted for local circumstances. Matrix Global Schools is a very unusual school within the region that it operates, as it shares the Ellesmere philosophy that personal academic achievement through the passing of examinations is an absolute priority, but is by no means sufficient on its own. Matrix Global Schools is unique in the region for its emphasis for learning beyond the classroom through sport, arts, and outdoor activities".

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