Ellesmere College Pupils Gain Sports Leadership Award

Ellesmere College Pupils Gain Sports Leadership Award

As part of the Outdoor Training Unit activities pupils at Ellesmere College can choose to pursue the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

As part of this programme, pupils complete a period of service. In previous years Duke of Edinburgh pupils have supported younger pupils in Lower School during their Thursday games afternoon. However, during the previous academic year, pupils have been offered the opportunity to pursue a formal qualification.

The Level 1 Junior Sports Leaders Award is accredited by an organisation called Sports Leaders UK. It is an award for 14-16 year olds who have an interest in becoming involved in sports coaching. It is the first step on the ladder toward becoming a coach. The award is not specific to any one sport. The idea is to introduce young people to the basics of organising equipment, planning activities, controlling a group, health and safety issues and encouraging fair play.

Peter Stanway, one of the Duke of Edinburgh instructors at Ellesmere commented, 'The group worked really hard and over the course of the year, showed a huge improvement in their personal skills and really enjoyed the opportunities and challenges it presented. For some it was a real eye-opener to be in the role of teacher and experience what it like to have to motivate, organise and encourage groups of young children.'





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