Ellesmere College Hosts School Games Finals for Local Primary Schools!

Ellesmere College was proud to host the North Shropshire School Games Finals last term, where a number of local primary schools competed against each other across three sports on three consecutive days for a place in the County Finals!

School Games is a government-led programme with more than 17,500 registered schools - including Ellesmere College. Their mission is to keep competitive sport at the heart of schools and to provide more young people with the opportunity to compete and succeed in a variety of sports.

The first day of competition saw five local schools compete in the Netball tournament. After an impressive set of performances, Cheswardine Primary School came out on top with the most victories and secured their place in the County Finals!

The following day, the Hockey tournament took place on the Ellesmere College Astroturf with an implemented knockout system and saw two finalists qualify. Oswestry and Addmore schools made it to the final - but it was Oswestry that was victorious! Addmore have still qualified and will be playing again.

The final day of competition focused on indoor Athletics, and featured a variety of activities such as long jump and relay races. Each school's team was divided into three groups: Boys, Girls and 'Sports Ability' - an initiative that increases the opportunities and extends provisions for people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND). Hodnet and Bryn Offa were the two strongest teams, but it was Longlands that came out on top in the Sports Ability group!

Throughout the three days, Ellesmere College and local secondary school students were directly involved in the managing and officiating of competitions, and were essential in the smooth-running of activities and helped provide a wonderful experience for all young people involved!

Full List of Results:

North Shropshire School Games Netball Final

1. Cheswardine Primary School
2.Oswestry School
3.Market Drayton Junior School
4.Prees Primary School
5.Myddle Primary School

North Shropshire School Games Hockey Final

1. Oswestry School
2. Addmore School
3.Longlands Primary School
4.Meadows Primary School
5.Market Drayton Junior School
6.Criftins Primary School
7.Myddle Primary School
8.Baschurch Primary School

North Shropshire School Games Athletics Final


1. Hodnet Primary School
2.Bryn Offa Primary School
3.Market Drayton Junior School
4.Myddle Primary School
5.Prees Primary School


1. Bryn Offa Primary School
2.Hodnet Primary School
3.Market Drayton Junior School
4.Myddle Primary School
5.Prees Primary School

Sports Ability

1. Longlands Primary School
2.Criftins Primary School
3.St. Andrew's Primary School
4.Prees Primary School

For information on the sporting opportunities available at Ellesmere, please visit: Ellesmere Sport.

For more information on the School Games programme, please visit: School Games.

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