Ellesmere College celebrating success with International Baccalaureate examinations

Ellesmere College celebrating success with Interational Baccalaureate examinations

Pupils at Ellesmere College are celebrating some very successful results as the College had candidates in the International Baccalaureate Diploma examinations for the first time this year.


The International Baccalaureate is a very demanding course where students have the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities beyond the level that can be shown with the A Level examinations. The International Baccalaureate (more commonly referred to as the IB) reports its results in numbers rather than grades, and students sit 6 subjects, plus completing an extended essay of undergraduate standard and completing a course in the Theory of Knowledge. Each subject is graded to Level 7 where a top grade at A Level is valued at a little over a Level 5 at IB for UCAS (University admission) purposes.


Jamie McBrien from Ellesmere performed very pleasingly with top grade 7s in Chemistry, Physics and Economics and a Level 6 in Maths. Jamie's final IB grade was equivalent to 4½ grade As at A Level. Johannes Beil from Munich gained 7s in Geography, German, English and Level 6 in Biology and History, while also securing a grade A for his extended essay, on a biological subject. Johannes's Diploma score of 39 equates to 628 points on the UCAS score which means that he scored the equivalent of more than 5 grade As at A Level. Sarah Bohm from Berlin achieved Level 6 scores in English, German, Biology, Mathematics and Visual Arts, while Rachel Harrison from Ellesmere achieved Level 6s in Biology, History and Spanish and also scored a grade A for her extended essay on a musical subject. A number of other students also scored grade As for their extended essays.


The Headmaster of Ellesmere College commented: "I am very pleased by the results of our first set of IB candidates. It is a very demanding course, and not for everyone - which is why we continue to offer A Levels alongside the IB - but for those students who are capable of following it, it is a fantastic preparation for top Universities and provides them with considerable intellectual stimulation".

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