Ellesmere College Celebrates Excellent Report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate

Headmaster, Brendan Wignall, with Pupils

Following on from the recent excellent Ofsted Boarding and Child Welfare Report, staff at Ellesmere College are celebrating an excellent Report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate, which reports on the performance of Independent Schools to Ofsted.


Nine Inspectors spent four days at the College, having previously received vast quantities of information on the life of the College in preparation for their visit.


No area of activity at Ellesmere was judged as less than "good", and a sizeable number of the aspects of the College inspected were rated as "outstanding". The Inspectors concluded:


Pupils achieve well as a result of both the individual attention and support they receive and the good standard of teaching in classes, the best of which provides challenge, interest and opportunity for pupils to develop their own learning. Ellesmere College provides a strong sense of community underpinned by Christian values and a deep concern for the individual, richly fulfilling its own aims and those of the Woodard Foundation. Within the vibrant and well-integrated boarding and day community, pupils of all ages are quick to care for and support each other, and also take a wide range of responsibilities seriously.


Outstanding standards of pastoral care, seen in careful monitoring but also expressed through individual support and care from both teaching and non-teaching staff, are much appreciated by pupils. The school takes innovative steps to involve parents in their children's education, and these links, together with those with the local community , are outstanding. A broad curriculum is enhanced by outstanding extra-curricular opportunities in many of which pupils achieve exception standards and by an innovative programme for younger pupils.


The Headmaster of Ellesmere College, Mr Brendan Wignall, commented: "I am delighted with this Report, which is a tribute to the hard work of the staff but also a credit to the pupils of the College. The concluding remarks in the Report focused, appropriately, on the pupils and really captured very well what we are trying to do at Ellesmere. 'By the time they leave, pupils are mature, fulfilled individuals who are comfortable with themselves and relate well to others; they are well-prepared for adult life'."


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