Ellesmere College Announces British Ironworks as Educational Partner

The British Ironworks Centre has been awarded Cultural Education Partner by Ellesmere College, presented to the Centre by Olivia Beckett, External Relations Officer, Ellesmere College. Olivia presented the certificate to Clive Knowles, Chairman & Founder, to honour and recognise the continued cultural support for the college.

Ellesmere College is the only UK independent school to have been awarded the Artsmark Platinum Award from the Arts Council England for three consecutive years in recognition of their important arts and culture educational programmes and the support they give both to College students as well as to the community for the arts, drama, music and media.

The College runs multiple events throughout the year but one of their most anticipated is their annual Ellesmere Art Exhibition. Featuring over 80 artists from across the UK exhibiting over 300 pieces of artwork, this event is the perfect place for anyone with a love or passion for art.

Every year, the exhibition features a range of landscapes, portraits, abstract art and sculpture work, and the Ironworks Centre say they are very excited to announce that their recently completed Darwin sculpture, among other sculptural exhibits, will be on display at the event.

In 2018, the event was headed by a number of distinguished visitors including the Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire who opened the event, and some new and exciting headline artists including Rae Smith, War Horse, and Maximillian Baccanello.

A spokesperson for the British Ironworks Centre said: "With art, particularly sculpture work, forming a huge part of what we do here at the Ironworks, we are passionate about helping to make a significant difference to any school's arts and culture events.

"We also run an Artist Support Programme whereby we aim to support as many artists as we can, from all walks of life and through all mediums, by giving them a platform to showcase their work. Supporting Ellesmere College with their endeavours is so exciting for us and we really look forward to seeing their event flourish!"

The Ellesmere Art Exhibition will be hosted in Big School at Ellesmere College from Thursday, May 30 to Sunday, June 2, with the Preview Evening on Wednesday 29th May 19:30 - 21:00pm.

To find out more about the Ellesmere Art Exhibition, or to get involved, please get in contact with Olivia Beckett at olivia.beckett@ellesmere.com or visit our website: www.ellesmere.com.

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