ECPS Sponsor two Monduli Students in Tanzania

The Ellesmere College Parents Society (ECPS) has committed to sponsoring two students in Tanzania through the Monduli Green Project for the duration of their educationn.

Lomnyaki Ezekiel Laibunye and Estomil Issaya Lekundayo have committed to sponsoring the sum of £125 a year throughout their six year senior schooling in the African nation.

The ECPS have made a donation to the Monduli Green Project each year for the past few years, but this year decided to up the annual contribution, and Jo Astbury and Pauline Hale, co-chairs of the ECPS, said they are very pleased to be able to help in this way.

"We are delighted to be able to ensure both Lomnyaki and Estomil are able to go to school. Both students and their parents sent a huge thank you for the financial support which was wonderful to hear. Education is something we can easily take for granted in this country and just being able to go to school means so much to people out there. ECPS is committed to fundraising and making a difference to others - the school does such a lot for this project and we know this donation will make a difference too.

"We were amazed when we heard the story of Felix, who was sponsored by a similar project and is now a professor teaching at the Dodoma University - the capital of Tanzania."

Lomnyaki and Estomil will get the money for basic schooling needs, pillows and bedding in their boarding house, uniform, text books. Some of the sponsorship money also goes towards solar panel projects in the local secondary schools.

They are chosen by a coordinator in Tanzania based on their attitude, effort and attainment and strong need for financial support.

Ellesmere College has a long history of supporting the Monduli Green Project, and the school community supports 55 students in all. Ellesmere College students visit the project every other year to help with projects. It was set up in 2008 by Cathy Allen, an English as an Additional Language teacher at Ellesmere College, to work with schools and communities in Tanzania to improve the environment and facilities for children.

Cathy said: "There are many children in Tanzania who don't get to go to school or fail to finish their education. With just under 70% of the population living below the poverty line, many children are forced into a situation of trying to find work to help their families rather than go to school. This commitment by the Ellesmere College Parents Society means we can ensure two more students can have a full education without having to worry about how they can afford to stay at school. It's difficult to explain just what this means to them and their parents unless you have seen the difficulties people experience in Tanzania first-hand."

For more about the project, visit: Monduli Green Project

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