Eco Team Award

The Eco-Committee has recently completed the first stage of helping to make their school environmentally friendly and their efforts have been rewarded by the receipt of the Eco Schools Bronze Award.

A committed and dynamic team of fifteen Year 10 and 11 pupils, called The Green Team have been meeting on a weekly basis since the beginning of term to identify the waste of resources and complete a waste audit at Ellesmere College.

Under the guidance of Cathy Allen,  a new teacher at Ellesmere College, the team has organised for all plastic, cardboard and tin to be collected by Cae Post in Trewern. North Shropshire District Council is now also collecting all waste paper separately to other rubbish. The Green Team has ensured that much of the Schools rubbish is now recycled.

Cathy Allen commented, To achieve the Award, the Green Team has completed an environmental audit and created an action plan. Ellesmere Colleges curriculum at all levels has also been reviewed to develop opportunities to grow the awareness around the College of the need for recycling. The Bronze Award is the first step towards achieving a Green Flag and I applaud the Green Team for their enthusiasm and dedication to help make Ellesmere College a more environmentally-friendly establishment.   

16th December 2005  Back to News