Easter Fun at School

The first week of the school holidays have been extremely eventful at the School with over 70 children taking part in holiday courses.

The first week of activities saw 25 keen rugby players take to the pitches in a rugby camp run by Old Ellesmerians Sam Lewis, Rhys Hayes and Tom King. The 2 day course aimed to develop individual skills and game play. The players were introduced to contact rugby and scrum work, as well as improving their fitness and taking part in SAQ sessions.

The first week of Easter holiday courses also saw a keen group of young tennis players take to the tennis courts. The players worked on developing their skills which included using the indoor courts when the snow hit. The mini-tennis indoors was very fast paced and saw some high quality tennis played. Each afternoon the participants took part in matches against each other, they played singles and doubles matches in ladder, league and round robin competitions.

A group of 20 children aged 8 to 13 have also participated this week in the ever-popular Multi-Activities course. They took part in a variety of orthodox sports including basketball, cricket and dodge ball as well as some unusual games such as 4-square and tri-ball which, over the years have become extremely popular with children participating on the course. Chris Rogers, Sports Centre Manager commented, we try to surprise the participants and introduce them to new games and activities. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and are particularly creative. The myriad of activities are much enjoyed.

The week also saw the children making Easter cakes and enjoying drama based games, Hannah Philips one of the Activity Leaders commented,  we had a great group this week who embraced all the activities very enthusiastically. We have had great fun together and look forward to welcoming another group of children to the School next week.

There are a few places left for next weeks 4 day Multi-Activities Course and 2 day Pre-Season Cricket Course, both starting at 9.30am on Tuesday 10th April. To reserve a place, contact Chris Rogers, Sports Centre Manager on 01691 626549, or via email, chris.rogers@ellesmere.com.

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