Drama Students Receive a Warm Welcome at the Royal Shakespeare Company

Sixth Form drama students headed down to Stratford-upon-Avon to explore Shakespeare's life, his work and meet members of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Budding actors were given the opportunity to perform a piece from Midsummer's Night's Dream, Pyramus Thisbe, in front of the house of Shakespeare to a live audience and visitors to the old English town. Students were provided with this opportunity by a group called Shakespeare Aloud, who perform live plays to visitors at the home of Shakespeare.

Pippa Bell, Director of Drama said, "This visit was about providing our students with the opportunity to experience live performance and gain valuable insights from leading industry professionals. We have a great relationship with Shakespeare Aloud, who also visit us at Ellesmere to host workshops for students. My old friends at the RSC have offered some pleasant stories and wisdom to the children, which in the long term can prove invaluable".

As part of the trip students met with former Royal Shakespeare Company Costume Mistress, Judy Methuen and high profile actors Pippa Nixon and Jonathan Slinger, who were performing in the RSC production of Hamlet.

Jonathon, who is known for his work with the Royal Shakespeare Company, the West End, as well as regular film and television work, provided an insight into what life is like as an actor. Pippa who for the last three years has been performing at the RSC in Stratford, spoke of how the delivery of Shakespeare's line has changed over the years, from accommodating mildly intoxicated, rowdy groundings, to more sophisticated and passive audiences.

Sixth Form Student Harry Stow said "We were lucky enough to see both actors perform in the evening, in one of the best performances of Hamlet that I have seen. To meet the people behind the scenes as well as the actors was great and to perform live outside the house of Shakespeare, is something that I don't think I will ever forget".

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