Combined Cadet Force Officers Awarded Medals

In recognition of their dedication and long service to the Schools Combined Cadet Force, 3 members of staff were recently presented with Cadet Forces Medals by the Schools Headmaster, Brendan Wignall. 

With over 45 years service to the Schools Combined Cadet Force between them, the leadership team of Lieutenant Colonel Graham Hutchinson, Major Martin Clewlow and Captain Tom Gareh has delivered an Army Section programme for over 150 Senior School cadets each week during term-time, as well as running regular expeditions and camps during holiday periods.

Traditional activities such as drill and weapon handling continue to be part of the programme, but there is much more that is offered by the team, as explained by Lt. Cl. Hutchinson, It is a delight to go on field trips and expeditions and witness the variety of skills pupils develop through the CCF. It is particularly pleasing to see the positive effect all this has on shaping their character and personality. Those promoted to higher ranks take their responsibilities for the younger cadets very seriously and a great team spirit is engendered in the group. The Combined Cadet Force is a wonderful school for life.

Photographs: Left to Right

Top Lieutenant Colonel Graham Hutchinson, Captain Tom Gareh, Major Martin Clewlow

Bottom Lieutenant Colonel Graham Hutchinson, Captain Tom Gareh, Jonathan Cooksey (Wooton Cup Winner), Major Martin Clewlow ad Brendan Wignall, Headmaster

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