Australian Trainee Teacher Joins Academic Team for Placement at Ellesmere College

Back Row: Jaimie Wakefield, Eve Davies, Millie Shaw, Sabrina Ford-Johnson, Alex Sandbrook-Jones, Guy Lloyd and Bruce Buglass.

As part of a programme of international internships at an Australian University, Ellesmere College Year 5 pupils are enjoying the additional support of a trainee teacher from across the world.

Teresa Ellison, from the Gold Coast, Australia, is currently in her 4th and final year at Griffith University, Parklands, Queensland. Mindful that she needed to complete a period of teacher training before she could graduate, Teresa was delighted to learn that she should apply for a travel bursary to fulfill her placement overseas.  Never having visited the UK, Teresa eagerly took on the challenge of finding a school in England that would take her on.

Following a most enjoyable year at Ellesmere College, it was the mother of a former Gap student who recommended that Teresa should apply to the School and following a brief flow of email across the world, the placement was secured. Resident at the School for 6 weeks, Teresa is gaining valuable work experience alongside Elaine Philips, Key Stage 2 Coordinator, at Ellesmere. Since Teresa aspires to be a primary school teacher back in Australia, whilst learning English teaching techniques, Teresas own teaching ability is being assessed.

Elaine Philips commented; Teresa is a delight to have in the classroom and the Year 5 pupils she is supporting are enjoying having her amongst them. We wish her well on her return to Australia and good luck for her future career.

Teresa added, It has been hard to be so far away from my family, and in particular my 5 year old son. However, I am enjoying immensely my time at Ellesmere College and in Shropshire. I spent a day recently in Shrewsbury which included visiting the Severn Theatre to see four Ellesmere pupils in the English Youth Ballet production of Sleeping Beauty. I recently spent a weekend in London, and last  Saturday, accompanied a group of colleagues to Wolverhampton Wanderers home match.

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