Astroturf Build Begins

At the School currently there is a flurry of excitement amongst hockey players of all ages as the work, that began in December, is taking shape to create an Astroturf at the School.

Last term, following a six-figure donation by the Old Ellesmerian Trust, the Schools Council took the decision to go ahead and install an Astroturf on part of the additional land that the School bought in 2009.  The Astroturf will further enhance the sporting facilities at the School, and in particular for Hockey.

The Schools pupils and staff, particularly those who teach sport, are now looking forward to the use of an Astroturf which is scheduled to be ready by Easter.

Girls hockey team representatives from the 1st Team to U10 Level were invited by Helen Davenport, Head of Physical Education, to visit the site and appreciate the enormity of the size of the Astroturf. Helen commented, It was great to return to the School at the beginning of term and see the progress that has been made with the preparation of the ground. The hockey coaches and pupils are delighted by this development and look forward to the all-year round on-site training possibilities that the Astroturf will give us.  

Ian Williams, Director of Sport added, Like all aspects of sports coaching at Ellesmere College, Girls Hockey is taken seriously and there is every opportunity for aspiring young elite athletes to train and develop their abilities towards gaining representative honours. For many years the College annually enjoys strong representation in Girls Hockey at County and Regional levels. The combination of the existing first-class coaching and this additional training facility should enable us to further develop the already excellent opportunities that exist at Ellesmere College for talented hockey players.

The Academy Day takes place on Saturday 28th January 2012 between 10.30am and 2.30pm. Families who are interested to learn more about the sporting programme, that aims to produce international standard individuals, are encouraged to attend. There will be the opportunity to meet the coaches involved, understand the philosophy and look at the opportunities to be gained from the scholarship programme at Ellesmere College. To reserve a place at the event click here.

Pictures: Top: View from the new site of the Astroturf Pitch looking back toward the School

Bottom: Head of PE and Girls Games, Helen Davenport (Left) and First XI Girls Coach Becky Morris (Right) with a group of girls checking out the progress.

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