All Ellesmere College Pupils Participate in PSHE Day


Last Tuesday Ellesmere College held this terms Personal Social and Health Education Day. Pupils from Year 3 to 13 where involved and topics ranged from Self Defense to Diet Choices.

Whilst Lower School KS2 pupils enjoyed a day focused on topics including Developing Confidence, Respecting Differences Between People and Developing Healthy Safer Lifestyles, , Sixth Formers participated in workshops which covered Sexual Health, Self Defense and Binge Drinking.

Year 7 pupils spent the day participating in team building exercises and Year 8 pupils day revolved around the three topics Diet, Fitness and Health. Mike Coats, Head of Information Technology was involved in the delivery of the Year 9 day that focused on Making Good Personal Choices when they covered aspects  of Internet Safety.  Dr. Chatterjee, ran a session about commonly found drugs, the affects of illegal substance, solvent abuse and smoking. The Schools Sisters presented on the importance of putting quality food into growing bodies, body awareness, sexual behavior and protecting oneself from abuse.

The theme for Years 10 and Year 11 was Taking Responsibility. Whilst Year 10 pupils focused  on bullying, Year 11 pupils participated in workshops that covered Study Skills, Exams Survival as well as Alcohol and Binge Drinking. Dr. Ranjit Chatterjee Head of Middle School explained, The PSHE Day is an important one for all pupils, irrespective of year group. The School focuses the attention of our pupils on topical topics relevant to their age. Further discussions will ensue in smaller tutor groups over the coming weeks.    

17th November 2009  Back to News