A Talented Shooter is the Youngest Member of Welsh Shooting Team

An Upper Sixth Form student recently travelled to The Hague to represent Wales in an international shooting competition.

It is the third year that Upper Sixth Form student, Ryan Williams, has been selected to represent Wales and he remains the youngest person in the team. Ryan was introduced to Target Shooting at the age of 13 when he joined the School in Year 9 and during the last 4 years he has been selected 13 times for national representation.    

Ryan, who lives in Newtown, Wem, is Captain of Shooting, as well as being an Under Officer of the CCF Army section,  which is the highest rank achievable by a cadet and in the School currently.

Ryan will also be travelling to Dortmund, Germany, at the end of March to participate in the International Schools Competition.

Tom Rylands, Senior Academy Shooting Coach, commented: Ryan is a very talented shooter and natural leader, who not only works hard to improve his own shooting talent, but who also finds the time to support and encourage younger shooters in the School.    

27th February 2012  Back to News