3 Choirs Concert And Art Exhibition At Ellesmere College

The Senior Choir practicing

Following many rehearsals since the beginning of the term, the Ellesmere College Choral Society Choir are joining the Senior and Lower School Choirs at the School to perform a Concert altogether in Big School on Thursday 21st  May at 7pm.

Before the Concert, whilst enjoying a glass of wine, there will be an opportunity to view Sixth Form International Baccalaureate student artwork in the Cloisters by Big School. The Head of Art at Ellesmere College, Siobhan Phillips, commented, 'The art exhibition will include work that explores a range of themes including natural forms and portraits. The range of materials is varied including paintings, pastel work and textiles.'

The evening of song will include Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and a medley from Rodgers and Hammerstein's 'South Pacific'.

The Choirs will also be joined by Gaenor Ellis, the School's Singing Teacher and her husband who will be performing as the duo 'Mr and Mrs Smith'. They will be singing songs from 'Carousel' amongst others. The Lower School Choir, conducted by Rebecca Paul, Music Teacher, will sing 'Rhythm of Life' and 'Love Shine a Light', the last UK winner at the Eurovision Song Contest.    

The Senior Choir, conducted by Roger Paul, Ellesmere College's Director of Music, will be singing Bohemian Rhapsody. Mr. Paul will also be conducting the Choral Society. He commented, 'All three Choirs have enthusiastic members and they have rehearsed long and hard to perfect their performances. I am confident that Thursday's audience will be in for a treat.'

There will also be music from the College Orchestra and the Scholars' Ensemble, who are quickly gaining a reputation for their exciting performances. 

The evening will end with a Grand Finale featuring all the performers well over 100 voices - singing two Abba songs, 'Money Money Money' and 'Thank you for the Music'.  

Tickets for the event are 5 and refreshments are included. 

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