Netball results

Netball results




Wednesday, 28th February - 1sts, 2nds v Shrewsbury 6th Form

1sts Lost 10 - 5

2nds Lost 9 - 5

Both teams were evenly matched and the matches were played in good spirit despite the terrible weather conditions.


Saturday, 3rd March - 1st, U15, U14A, U14B, U13, U12 v Rydal Penrhos


1sts Lost 20 -17


Very close match. Could have gone either way. Shooting was excellent for the first 3 quarters but we lost a few in last quarter which lost us the match!


U15 Won 35 - 5


Ellesmere dominated the play from the start. The shooters were on form and worked hard to ensure plentiful scoring opportunities. Defenders were kept busy - they defended well and intercepted the ball on many occasions to set up the attacking play. Well done Girls - a great win!


U14 A Won 19 - 15


Following their success on Wednesday they were ready to play well again! However Rydal were also keen for a victory and although Ellesmere started the strongest it wasn't long for Rydal to catch up and put the pressure on. Emily Lewis encouraged the girls to pick up their game and the girls did. A good win against a strong team!


U14 B Lost 7 - 4


Worked very hard and played well. This was a very close match and it was the best game Miss Ryan has seen them play!


U13 Lost 17 - 5


Good work rate from all players. Spacing and crowding a problem in centre court. Could have scored a lot more. Sarah Wicks played well to make space and keep possession. Paige Rudd played excellent in defence.


U12 Won 10 - 8


Very even match - shooters did well!

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