Netball Success

Netball Success


U14 North Shropshire Tournament

(28th February)


 SJT - Won 5-0

A comfortable win for the team, as scoring opportunities were plentiful. However, the SJT defence made it difficult for Lucy Forgrave and Zoe Evans throughout the match. Emily Lewis, Sophie Halstead and Lydia Lam intercepted well in centre court and progressed the play up to their attacking third.

 Corbet - Lost 6-5

The team started slowly allowing Corbet to take the lead. The basic passing and marking errors by Ellesmere were overcome in the second half, and they raised their performance to try and equalise the match in the closing minutes, but were unlucky to do so.

 Marches - Won 7-2

Having realised their potential the team increased their game by ensuring accurate passing. Ellesmere applied pressure, forcing Marches to make mistakes, and Viola Grosvenor and Lucy Harrington made excellent interceptions in the defending third and initiated the attacking play. Lydia Lam, Kirsty Foster and Emily Lewis were key players in linking the defensive and attacking play, and ensured that Ellesmere maintained possession.


Semi Final 2 - Ellesmere V Moreton Hall - Won 4-2

Having got to the semi final, Ellesmere were eager to show the other schools what they could do, but within the opening minutes were at a deficit of 2 goals. Moreton Hall did not make it easy for the girls, but they maintained their composure, worked together and developed fluent play. Ellesmere maintained possession, applied pressure throughout the game, and managed to equalise and then secure the victory by 2 goals.


Final - Ellesmere V Corbet - Won 5-3

A thoroughly exciting match, as Ellesmere took the lead from the start. All team members worked cohesively, each giving maximum effort towards their victory.

Viola Grosvenor and Lucy Harrington again were on hand to minimise Corbet's scoring opportunities, and assertively regained possession for Ellesmere.

Imaginative passing between Emily Lewis and Sophie Halstead ensured the majority of the play remained in our attacking third. The creative movement between Zoe Evans and Lucy Forgrave ensured maximum scoring opportunities, and as each goal was scored, the enthusiasm grew to gain the victory they deserved.


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