Girl Interrupted

Girl Interrupted

An American Gap Student, who is spending the academic year at Ellesmere College will be performing a play on Wednesday 24th January.


Maura Van Voris, a former student at the Tabor Academy in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, arrived in September at Ellesmere to support the Director of the Arena Arts Programme and work behind the scenes with the School's plays and other Arts events. This term she has been given the opportunity to perform the play, which during her last year at school in America, she interpreted, adapted and performed for the stage as part of her senior project


The play is based on the novel called 'Girl Interrupted', the true story of the experiences of a nineteen year old girl who was sent away to a mental institution after having attempted suicide. Maura explained, 'It is a play about a girl of a similar age to myself who wrote about insanity and about the reasons why she wanted to commit suicide.'


Richard Boswell, Director of the Arena Arts Programme at Ellesmere College added,

'The School has had a longstanding relationship with the Tabor Academy and every two years casts from both schools visit each other to perform plays, attend workshops together and learn about the audience differences either side of the Atlantic. Maura is a talented actor who has created a first class play which explores the inner self of a young person'.

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