President of the OE Club to climb Kilimanjaro for The Children's Society


President of the OE Club commits to

climb Kilimanjaro for The Children's Society


Richard Morris, current President of the Old Ellesmerian Club, has recently committed to climb Kilimanjaro next year. Kilimanjaro is one of the most beautiful and challenging trekking destinations in the world. In stands 205 miles south of the equator, in the Tanzania's northern border with Kenya. It is the highest mountain on the African continent standing at 19,340 ft.


Morris says "The is a really big challenge to say the least, but I feel it will be one of those life changing experiences and above all allows a real opportunity to raise some money for the Children's Society."


Morris goes on to say "We would like to think, in the modern world, that there is no need for The Children's Society. But that is not the case. Even in this so-called enlightened age, too many children are excluded. Too many children are undervalued. All children need support. They need love, hope and strength and when this is denied, either by environment, circumstance or intent, The Children's Society is one of the organisations available to help.

Richard is delighted to be able to educate his two children Edward and Ameila at Ellesmere and he reminds them every day just how fortunate they are to have the opportunity of this privileged education.


The Trek starts on 30th June 2007 and all being well should be completed on 10th July 2007. Over the next several months and in between the extensive training programme, Morris will be embarking on a funding raising project for the Children's Society. The aim is to raise a minimum of £3,000, but he really hopes to raise much more.


If you are able to offer sponsorship for the Trek, please contact: Richard Morris, Lanesborough House, Erddig Road, Wrexham, LL13 7DS Telephone 01978 361499 or mobile 07801 592120 or The Children's Society 0845 300 1128 web site

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