Building Improvements at Ellesmere College

The end of the summer term last week saw the start of much work to refurbish and create new areas at a North Shropshire School.

As the pupils at Ellesmere College left last Saturday to enjoy their summer holidays, work started immediately to create a number of new facilities. The school is spending a total of £500,000 on various projects.

With an expansion in weekly and full boarding, the top floor of the current Lower School Boys Boarding Houses is being transformed to accommodate both girls and boys aged between 10 and 13. All the Middle School Houses are being refurbished and in order to satisfy the growth in boarding demands, work has begun to convert a building with day studies into residential rooms, with en-suite facilities for Sixth Form boarders.

Another exciting development is that Lower School pupils will be able to enjoy their science lessons in a dedicated junior science laboratory from September 2006.

Middle School pupils will also have the opportunity to move into new study rooms as they return to School in September. A wing in the main building is being converted into day study rooms as well as existing residential houses having study facilities.

The Sixth Form Common Room will also have a new look for the forthcoming term as a conservatory is added while the current rooms are refurbished.

The Headmaster, Brendan Wignall commented. 'In my tenth year at Ellesmere College it is very pleasing to see the School continuing to grow in pupil numbers. There will be a record number of new pupils joining us in September and this has given us the confidence to invest heavily in new facilities as well as develop existing ones. The creation of the Lower School Science Laboratory is a particular pleasing project since it has been made possible through the generous grant from the Wolfson Trust.

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