Lower School Choir Success at Chester Festival

Ellesmere College Lower SchoolChoir impress the judges at the ChesterFestival of Performing Arts.

The junior choir recently participated in a local Festival of Performing Arts and were praised for their young voices singing with 'great responses and feeling'.

Twenty pupils from the Ellesmere College Lower School Choir traveled to Chester last Saturday to participate in the Chester Competitive Festival of Performing Arts. Bethan Jones the Lower School Music Teacher commented 'the Ellesmere Choir was praised for being a most committed choir and singing with the most conviction. They were beaten overall by just one point. The Choir rehearsed well together in preparation for the competition and I was delighted with their performance at the Festival. The Choir enjoyed listening to the performance of the other choirs and they now have ideas as to how we can improve future performances.'

24th May 2006  Back to News