Media Studies - Trip to Disney

Ellesmere College introduced Media as a GCSE option in September 2005 which has been a huge success amongst pupils. As part of the course work, a group has just returned from a 3 day excursion to Disneyland, Paris.

Since the beginning of the academic year the taking the Media course have studied a wide range of mass media from blockbuster films to radio advertising, from newspapers to glossy magazines.

The learning of practical skills is integral in the course. Pupils have been introduced to filming techniques, digital photography and print layout schemes. Mrs. Zoe Fisher, the teacher responsible for running the course commented The world of media is constantly changing so it is crucial that pupils understand its messages and contexts.  Field trips are important to give pupils a sense of media in practice. So far pupils have been involved in the National School Films Week, watching Hotel Rwanda at a local cinema, a visit to Radio Shropshire with a guided tour of the studios and a chance to meet and interview DJs. The recent excursion to Disneyland has been a great success. It is also planned that pupils will be taken to a live music event in the summer to compliment their study of the music industry.

Older pupils have a chance to get involved too. Every Thursday afternoon there is a film-making activity with Year 11 to 13 pupils scripting and storyboarding short film sequences. Following a recent visit to the School by Local BBC Radio Shropshire Editor, Rose Aston, pupils have been invited to submit work to be shown on the new local TV news programmes.

Mrs. Fisher added The introduction of Media Studies at Ellesmere has been received very well and is a positive move for the School. Places for both the GCSE and activity groups are filling quickly and there is much interest in the introduction of Media Studies being offered as an AS level from September 2007. I look forward to seeing Media Studies flourish at Ellesmere.           



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