Charity Teachers -v- Pupils Debate

Ellesmere College recently held a charity debate competition between the teachers and pupils, inviting the rest of school and staff to be the audience.

Three teachers and pupils from Ellesmere College hotly debated the subject Youth is Wasted on the Young. The audience was entertained by passionate orations from both sides of the floor but in the end the group of judges, comprising of pupils and teachers, decided that the teachers had out-performed the pupils in their arguments.

The debate was chaired by Claire Clewlow from the English Department who enjoyed keeping both sides in order, particularly her husband from the teachers team. She commented; Throughout the school we give our pupils the opportunity to express their opinions in the classroom and in assemblies. By the time they reach the Sixth Form, debating is, for many of them, a natural form of communication, demonstrated by the standard on display from the pupils participating in the recent charity debate.       

The money raised has been split between the charity, Breast Cancer Awareness and the Ellesmere College Sixth Form Ball Fund.

2nd February 2006  Back to News