Ellesmere College Hosts Young Artists' Exhibiton

The Art Centre of a North Shropshire School is opening its doors for a neighbouring Pre-School group to exhibit their art work.

The twenty-three children aged between two and a half and five from Welshamptons Caterpillar Pre-School have been busily producing art work which will adorn the walls of the Ellesmere College Art Centre foyer between 13th and 17th June.

A viewing of the artwork has been arranged for the evening of Monday 13th June when the children will be coming along to see their pieces hung in the Art Centre and show them to their families and friends.  Joan Davies who has managed the Caterpillar Pre-School for 3 years commented one of our roles at the Pre-School is to develop the childrens self-esteem.  For them to see their artwork outside the classroom is very special and gives them all feel good experience.

The art work to be exhibited will include pictures in acrylics and oils, natural material collages and native American sand prints.  Childrens drawings and flour batiks will also be included.  Richard Boswell, the Director of Drama at Ellesmere College said we are delighted to have the opportunity to share our exhibiting space with Welshampton Pre-School. Work of our pupils, their parents and visiting artists are often exhibited at the College.  On this occasion it is pleasurable to welcome some younger artists work.

For additional information about the event please call Joan Davies on 01691 623183

2nd June 2005  Back to News