Ellesmere College has links with an Indian school and for the last few years has welcomed pupils and teachers to spend the summer term in England.


As part of a growing exchange programme, Ellesmere College is currently hosting a teacher and two pupils from The Scindia School in India. The school is situated in a fort, 300 feet above the city of Gwalior which is 200 miles from Delhi in Northern India. Set in 110 acres, this residential boys' school has 630 pupils. The boys enter the school at the age of eleven. Mridul Varma is the Head of Business Studies at Scindia School and with two sixth form pupils is spending a part of his summer holiday at Ellesmere College. "The purpose of my visit is to broaden my horizons and develop a better understanding of educational practices in the UK. I have also had the opportunity to be introduced to croquet and sailing which are two of the many opportunities the Scindia pupils have also experienced' commented Mridul Varma.


A distinctive part of the school day at The Scindia School is at sunset when the all the boys and teachers assemble at the natural amphitheatre to watch the sun set behind the western hills. It is a moment of spiritual peace, a time for students to pray, mediate and introspect. Mridul's main contribution to the school has been the introduction of yoga classes to pupils of all ages. The Sixth Form have also had the opportunity to do a class as the sun has been setting. Mridul commented. "It is interesting to see how the pupils have begun to learn the art of looking within themselves.'


Whilst in the UK Mridul has had the opportunity to travel around Shropshire and further afield to North Wales and London. He has also spent a memorable day at Chester Races. "I will carry back home the finest of memories of this beautiful country and some life-long friends', he added.


Mridul Varma would be delighted to hear from anyone who is interested to learn more about The Scindia School and education generally in India. He can be contacted at Ellesmere College on 01691 622321.

23rd May 2005  Back to News