Fundraising by Pupils

Pupils from the College have spent most of the Lent term engaged in a variety of fundraising activities.  Following the terrible events that occurred on Boxing Day 2004, pupils in Lower School felt compelled to try and help those who had been affected by the Asian Tsunami.  Many events were organized to raise much needed funds. 


Mr. Neil Price, Head of the Lower School commented "I am overwhelmed by the commit of these young people to help those less fortunate than themselves.  When we returned from the Christmas break, we discussed the Tsunami in an assembly, which led the children to organize the various fundraising events.  To date we have raised over £1000.  It is a credit to the children and their family and friends for supporting such a worthwhile cause'


When questioned many of the pupils were shocked at the devastation and felt collectively that much help was needed to enable the people affected to rebuild their shattered lives.  Some of the Ellesmere pupils also knew people that had been affected.  Events such as sponsored swims, sponsored walks, and most popularly cake sales at the College took place.


Older pupils at the school also wanted to do something to help the victims of the Tsunami.  Boys from St Cuthbert's House decided that they would do something a little different, so decided they would commission a tankard with the St Cuthbert's crest on it and give the opportunity for the boys in the house to purchase it, with the money from the sales going to the Tsunami fund.  With this in mind they approached the jeweller's shop Sanchi's in Ellesmere town.  Mr Sanchi said "I was more than happy to help the pupils raise money in this way.  I have been in Ellesmere for 20 years and think it important to support worthwhile causes such as this'.   Mr Sanchi has also agreed to engrave the tankards for the boys, with proceeds being donated back to the appeal.    Charles Cooper, Head of House said "We returned back to school on 3rd January and one of the first things to do in the Lent term was to raise money for the Tsunami appeal.  We spoke to Mr Clewlow our Housemaster and Suzanne Carr our Housemother and asked if we could arrange something in St Cuthbert's, they both thought this was a good cause and encouraged us to organize something. So we approached Mr Sanchi, who agreed to make the tankards at no profit for him.  We estimate that this idea should raise over £250 in aid of the people affected'  Everyone in St Cuthbert's would like to extend their grateful thanks to Mr Sanchi and to Pinder Bros of Sheffield who supplied the tankards.


These events plus all those undertaken for Red Nose day and donations made to local, National and International charities has made it a busy fundraising term for the Ellesmere College pupils.

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