Yr 7 and 8 performance of Tom Sawyer

Year 7 and 8 pupils from the College have recently been busy rehearsing and performing this all time American classic.  The pupil worked hard on perfecting their American accents and handling a range of interesting props including a pick axe and a dead cat!  in this tale of treasure, murder and piracy, during which our erstwhile pirates learn the importance of friends and family. 


Richard Boswell, Head of Performing Arts at the College commented "This production is part of the continuing Arena Arts programme designed to enhance and enrich pupils and audiences experience of the Arts.  It offers many diverse opportunities for our pupils.  Recently our Senior School pupils performed "17' as part of a competition run by the National Theatre and the Lowry.  In May we will be doing the annual Performance Showcase featuring short scenes, dance and song, and then in July the pupils from years 9, 10, 11 will be taking part in the BBC Talent's "Night of Shakespeare' by performing "A Winter's Tale' at both the College and at the Shrewsbury Music Hall'

29th March 2005  Back to News