The new academic year has seen a series of impressive team performances, the hockey and rugby teams for a North Shropshire School who are celebrating a significant run of wins.  


There are a total of 15 Rugby and Hockey teams at Ellesmere College who enjoy regular fixtures with other local schools. Recent 1st team rugby wins have included impressive scores of 60's and 70's against Ruthin and Denstone. The team was also successful against Rydal last Saturday, beating them at an away match with a final score of 53-3.  


The Director of Sport, Ian Williams commented, "this has been an outstanding first half-term performance by all the College's Rugby and Hockey teams. An unprecedented run of victories in the school's history has seen all the hockey teams being undefeated and out of the 21 rugby matches played 18 of them have been won. The momentum and excitement generated in the school has given the two sports a great buzz. Not only has the winning been impressive but the style of play and sportsmanship has been excellent.'


Some individual Rugby players have been chosen to play for the county. They are Ollie Barker, Charles Bushnell, Alex Dunn and Steve Bannister who recently were all chosen to play for the Under-16 Shropshire County Rugby team. Also, Hugh Adams, Captain of the Ellesmere College 1st Rugby team as well as the Under-18 Shropshire Rugby Team, has recently been chosen to play for the North Midlands Under 18 team, alongside fellow pupil and county team-mate Ashley James.  

16th October 2004  Back to News