BSM Roadshow

As part of the national programme of road-shows organised by the British School of Motoring, on Thursday 29th April, their mobile unit visited Ellesmere College. As a prelude to learning to drive, 15 to 17 year olds had the opportunity to drive on a simulator and practise hazard perception. They also had the opportunity to prepare for the theory test. As a Sixth Former suggested "the hour spent in the mobile unit was very useful and has given me an insight to driving which I am now keen to do as soon as I am older enough in a few weeks time. "


Mike Sampson, the Pastoral Deputy Head at Ellesmere College commented: "this is the first year that the BSM mobile unit has visited the College and the feedback I have received has been very favourable. We are keen to give our pupils the opportunity to grow their awareness  and perception of driving hazards and experience "behind the wheel' before they are old enough to drive and venture out onto the public roads.'


3rd May 2004  Back to News